Skyrim patch on their Xbox 360 and PlayStation versions 3 could be causing serious problems in the form of new bugs

The protests of the fans begin to populate the game's forums.

This morning was made ​​available to fans Skyrim the new patch for the PC and Xbox versions of 360, after the fact that yesterday was available on PlayStation 3 and many fans began to complain about the glitches and problems that this is causing.

The glitch magic resistance is beginning to become popular in the version for Sony's console after applying the patch 1.2, Xbox 360 fans are also suffering the same problems and many more.

In Bethesda Softworks forums are beginning to be numerous posts of complaints from many fans, and we await an official response by the makers of the game to check the validity of the protests.

Battlefield 3 accumulates 8 million copies sold

5 of them were sold in the same week of its release.

Electronic Arts has revealed its fantastic new numbers on Battlefield 3, and has announced that the game has now accumulated eight million copies sold since its launch last October 27.

This quote sounds dramatic, but still more so when one remembers that the game sold more than half of them, namely five, in its first week on sale.

New details on Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Patriots

New from Ubisoft will go for the tactical action and multiplayer powerful.

Announced only last a few weeks, so far there are few details known about the promising Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Patriots, but Ubisoft has begun to address some of the main concerns behind this project that we face a new threat known as the " True Patriots ", a well-trained and organized militia will attack from the very heart of America.
As we advance, this new installment in the series give greater prominence to the script, raising various situations that force us to make ethical decisions that will change the course of events. Faced with this new threat, Ubisoft working on an improved computer management system will enable us to address a variety of tactics by pressing a single button, to the point of being able to take full control of the squad for perfect rounds.
As for combat, this new Rainbow Six will include a new weapons system coverage and redesigned to accommodate every type of situation during the clashes. Also included are new mechanics rappel, rappelling and reverse "Aussie" as well as the option to enter by force in different places, either through walls or ceilings.
Of course, there are also the intense multiplayer campaign event in which each player takes the role of a squad team, and can seamlessly coordinating all actions against terrorists. In this sense, we have added new options like the "Sandtable" which is a holographic image that helps players become familiar with the maps before jumping into action.
Finally, Ubisoft has confirmed that we will also have a scanner so we provide a thermal reading place, providing key information to the group to assault the enemy positions.
Remember that Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Patriots will be released on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 throughout 2013.

Ubisoft may be surveys proposing different environments for the future of the franchise Assassin's Creed

The invasion of the Americas by the Spanish conquerors, feudal Japan, medieval Chinese dynasties among other contexts.

The portal EmpireStateGamer has an image attached to a survey sent by Ubisoft for questioning certain fans "selected" on the future context for Assassin's Creed series, as you know, change the backdrop in the third delivery.

The specific question in facilitating the user to choose one of the eight contexts are detailed below:

-The violent conflicts of the imperial dynasties of medieval China 
-The advent of the British Empire in Victorian England
-The completion of the reign of Pharaoh in ancient Egypt
-The invasion of the Americas by the Spanish conquerors
-The confrontation between the British colonists and Native Americans during the American Revolution of the eighteenth century
-The fall of the Empire of the Czar by the Communists during the Russian Revolution
-The battles between the warlords in feudal Japan
-The rise of the Empire of Caesar in ancient Rome

It seems hard to choose now the future setting of Assassin's Creed III since it is assumed that its development began long ago, however, if true this information could be future installments of the saga.

EA Battlefield 1943 finally did give away to buyers of Battlefield 3 on PS3

Sufficient to activate the game and redeem the code for download.

The controversy surrounding the gift and Battlefield 3 Battlefield 1943 announced by Sony for the PlayStation 3 has finally been solved, is that Electronic Arts has recognized that "there was a misunderstanding" to deny it, and finally offer it themselves.

To claim your free copy of our fantastic downloadable game simply perform the following steps:

1. Activate our Online Pass Battlefield 3, using the code that is included in the game.
2. Visit with our original ID and password.
3. Choosing the territory.
4. At the time we receive your code to download Battlefield 1943.

The beta of Counter Strike: Global Offensive will begin later this month

Users with access code can start playing from November 30.

Valve has confirmed that the closed beta test of Counter Strike: Global Offensive will begin from November 30, after the brief delay suffered weeks ago on the advice of veteran players in the series.

The company did not clarify the contents with which users find, nor have been informed about the possibility of extending the beta to be a greater number of users that enjoy it.

Diablo III Blizzard wants to create "specifically to console"

"Everyone wants to make games for consoles Blizzard, and some of these creators of consoles are the most anxious."

Blizzard has not confirmed they are developing a version of Diablo III to consoles, but is something that, after the last months of official statements, it is very likely to happen.

Jay Wilson of Blizzard, has said the main objective of creating a console version of Diablo III is that you feel is a "native game consoles."

As stated to the American magazine GameInformer: "We want to make a simple conversion. We want to create console. That's the key difference. Our goal is to make a game that feels as if it were natively created for consoles. If we do, we want it to look like a Blizzard game we created for this platform from scratch. "

"Everyone wants to make games for consoles Blizzard, and some of these creators of consoles are the most anxious," is sincere. "We have not officially announced. Although we have not practiced any secrecy about it because our biggest obstacle is to build a team dedicated to consoles. "

"People do not believe us when we say we're going to make a console game. I understand because we've never tried before. We have never invested in it as we are doing now, and have never had a product that we thought it was appropriate for it, "he concludes.

Diablo III has confirmed his departure in PC and Mac next year.

DICE will release "a significant upgrade" to Battlefield 3 for PC next week

The update for consoles come later.

The development studio DICE has announced on its official blog, which launched a "significant upgrade" on PC next week that will include "a more polished section, stability, balance of weapons, the functionality in the control of the squadron, and improvements at the interface "with other improvements demanded by the community.

Also suppress the negative acceleration of the mouse.

This update will be available in the PC version next week, and the console will come somewhat later.

Square Enix Final Fantasy XIV clarifies that 2.0 "is not a new game"

It is based on a new graphics engine.

The new producer of Final Fantasy XIV, Naoko Yoshida, has said that the new version of Final Fantasy XIV launched in 2013 is not in itself a new game, but includes many enhancements, including a new graphics engine.

He says his first steps into the place of production has been to "do what is necessary" for the game to continue for ten years.

"The key to development in relation to technology is the new engine to be used in the release of version 2.0 we are creating from scratch," he says.

"The current engine is good for displaying graphics liabilities off-line games, but more important in an MMO are capable of displaying active graphics many different characters on the screen while" he says.

PC Final Fantasy XIV was launched over a year ago, when the PlayStation 3 version will be launched in the third quarter of 2012.

Reggie Fils-Aime reveals his favorite video game

It is The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

The president of Nintendo America, Reggie Films-Aime, has talked to AOL about the recent release of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, also revealing what is your favorite game of all time.

Reggie For the biggest game in his life has been the classic Super Nintendo The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (1992): "I am a big fan of Zelda, my favorite game of all time is Zelda: A Link to the Past ".

On the recent Zelda: Skyward Sword: "One of the benefits of my job is that I can get to enjoy the games from their stage of development. I have a special Wii in my office, and I've been playing Skyward Sword from the E3. I have great enthusiasm for this game. "

In this new Zelda, notes: "The puzzles, battles, but now with the WiiMotion Plus every battle is a puzzle to solve. The development team has said this is the greatest Zelda ever created. "

The private beta will begin Starhawk next Tuesday

Sony has started to send the first invitations.

As recently promised the boys of LightBox Interactive, Sony has started to send the first invitations for users who registered in the closed beta testing phase of Starhawk have access to it from next Tuesday, November 22.

Although not yet finalized the content present this phase of testing, we know that will include "a couple of maps" game mode and Capture the Flag.

We remind you that this first phase of testing is restricted to a small number of players selected by Sony itself, which is registered through the official website of the game. If you were one of those who registered on that site but have not received the email from Sony, make sure you select the "Allow mail reception" at the time of registration.

On the other hand, we must remember that in early 2012 will begin a new phase of testing which will have direct access other users who have bought Uncharted 3 and have the access code.

They start rumors about the development of Killzone 4

Guerrilla apparently could have begun, along with a new IP.

The British magazine EDGE takes a few words of Adrian Smith by ensuring that Guerrilla "must continue the Killzone franchise," along with a series of rumors that seem to point to it.

So far the news is far from official, and no more than an Adrian Smith's own statement, however, the report said even that is not the only title being developed.

"A new IP is growing in the studio for the first time in seven years," says the Anglo-Saxon news magazine. "Part of the additional staff cycle Killzone team is working on project with their experience and ideas."

The CryEngine 3 provides its benefits to the MechWarrior MMO Online

Its managers believe that this news will provide the opportunity for a "Triple-A experience truly unique."

The guys from Piranha Bytes announced that MechWarrior Online will be supported by the graphics engine CryEngine 3 according to a post published on the website's own title.

According to Russ Bullock, President of the study, this detail will achieve the expected MMO "Triple-A experience truly unique", as we announced a few weeks ago, will finally be free and exclusive to PC.

Modern Warfare 3 signs a new record in the world of entertainment in its first five days on sale

The game harvest $ 775 million in the first days.

 [Modern Warfare 3]

The Call of Duty series continues to break records, is that Activision has announced this afternoon that the game has come to break the milestone achieved by its predecessor and has achieved $ 775 million in the first five days on sale.

"With $ 775 million sales of Modern Warfare 3 in its first five days, Call of Duty has become the first brand to launch in history to set records for three consecutive years in any form of entertainment," said the executive Robert Kotick, Activision's CEO, on the occasion of the announcement.

775 million dollars is what has raised Modern Warfare 3 in its first five days, smashing the record of Black Ops that was located at 650 million dollars, and two years ago Modern Warfare 2 for $ 550 million.

"The retail sales of Call of Duty makes him one of the most valuable intellectual properties in the world that have passed the 6,000 million dollars around the world," said the executive. "We hope to continue the time of sales, while the reviews and the enthusiasm of the audience suggest that this is the best Call of Duty ever done."

Need for Speed: The Run is locked at 30 frames per second in its PC version

Frostbite Engine 2 lacks this limitation in other titles such as Battlefield 3.

The guys at Black Box already have the first reason for the controversy though have not yet released their anticipated Need for Speed: The Run, and it is announced that the game will speed limited in its version PC at 30 frames per second.

The news portal has published the DSO Gaming 3DJuegos although we have yet to check it for ourselves as the review copy sent to compatible 3DJuegos is closed until launch day.

Steam and Origin could offer its digital services through Wii U

EA and Valve would be vying for their presence in the new Nintendo console.

Very few details known about his role Wii U online, although Nintendo has repeatedly acknowledged to be a very flexible service that will suit the needs of every developer, so boosting this aspect that could compete one on one with services like Xbox Live or PlayStation Network.

Recently, the primary responsibility for EA Sports, Peter Moore, was very enthusiastic about this new approach by Nintendo, and now come rumors that point to the possibility that EA and Valve are working to bring digital distribution platforms to Wii U.

According collects half, a strong internal EA has informed them that the company is negotiating with the possibility of Nintendo release its digital distribution platform on Wii Origin U. Measured with Electronic Arts substantially expand the potential audience for its network while Nintendo improves image with Western audiences.

However, this anonymous source continues, Valve would also be very interested in bringing its successful Steam to the Nintendo console. Possibility that EA seem to contemplate any means since according to the source consulted advances, would be trying to get through exclusive online store Wii U.

So far this information has not been confirmed by any of the parties involved, so we talked about rumors with caution.

Minecraft for the PC is officially over

After years of testing and updates, the game reaches Gold status.

More than two years after that launched the successful trial versions of Minecraft, its chief executive, Markus Persson, has confirmed via his Twitter profile that the game is officially finished and ready for market release in the next 18 of November.

With a brief message, the creative has finally recognized that the game has already reached Gold status, though the party for the launch was postponed at the weekend, and to be held in the city of Las Vegas's first major convention Minecraft the MINECON.

Also, remember that there Minecraft for a while, because apart from the compatible version of the game is working on adapting the game to Xbox 360 and mobile devices Xperia Play.

An error could erase saved games Batman: Arkham City on Xbox 360

Warner Bros. says it is working on a solution, but for now they do not find the problem.

During the last few weeks multiplayer Xbox 360 version of Batman: Arkham City have reported on the official forums of the game that there is any error that caused your saved games mysteriously disappear.

From Warner Bros. Interactive and Rocksteady have said they are working on the problem, but so far have not found the possible source of error.

"We are pleased to resolve the issue of disappearing saved games some players on Xbox 360 as soon as possible. However, our quality control department has been unable to reproduce the situation, "remarked the game's community manager, Andy Cataldo.

Precisely for this reason, from Warner ask users to provide all possible data through email, stating in English what the Xbox 360 version is being played, if the game is installed or not on the disk hard, if there is downloadable content, etc..

The version of Need for Speed: The Run on PS3 exclusive vehicles include

Will be seven cars from companies such as Lamborghini, Porsche or Koenigsegg.

Electronic Arts has confirmed that Need for Speed: The Run for PlayStation 3 will feature seven unique vehicles, at least for now, we will not see in other versions of this game of speed.

The vehicles in question are: Porsche Carrera GT, Lexus LFA, Koenigsegg Agera R, Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, Hennessey Venom GT, Lamborghini Countach and Gumpert Apollo S. QV500

Need for Speed: The Run will be released in stores this week in Spanish PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and PC 3DS.

The next patch Battlefield 3 will correct the problems of tactical lights

Also proposes other changes, for example, the AA guns and balance.

The DICE guys are very busy with the development of Battlefield 3 though the game was released a few weeks ago, and after a chat in a game's official podcast about some problems and complaints about tactical lights , have decided to fix them.

Alan has been specifically Kertz, playable experience designer, who has posted on his Twitter a comparative picture of how was before this lighting tactics and back on what the effects of blindness that occur.

Other changes have been proposed have been the balance of mobile AA guns, as well as methods of repair of aircraft.

The creators of Skyrim recommend users not to install Xbox 360

"We have received information about some scaled down textures on Xbox 360, and not returning. This does not happen from the record."

Bethesda Softworks, makers of Skyrim, have spoken through their community manager on the official forums of the company on some problems with the textures that are experiencing Xbox 360 fans to install the hard disk title.

"We have received information about some scaled down textures on Xbox 360, and not returning. We have verified that this problem does not happen when you play from the disc and when the game is cached in full (ie not installed)," the member of the study. "Skyrim uses many streaming dynamic systems, including textures."

"Skyrim makes heavy use of caching systems, Xbox 360, and cached on the normal course of the game and in menus and interiors. This cache can be cleaned when playing games or when you manually remove them. We are working on a solution in the next update for those who have installed ".

Saint's Row: The Third will slightly censored the Japanese market

The huge gun-vibrator remain unchanged with respect to the West.

THQ has confirmed that the expected Saint's Row: The Third has suffered a mild censorship in the Japanese market, which affects only one of the most original and surreal weapons of the game: the penetrator.

And we say mild censorship because the weapon in question is present in the Japanese version of the game, but it will show a lower level of detail and rigid object as compared to the original gun sagging.

Saint's Row: The Third will be released in our market next week.

The study Cave believes that Xbox 360 sales in Japan will improve with more exclusive games

I still think they can change their situation for the better in that territory.

[Instant Brain]

The Japanese studio behind Xbox 360 Instant Brain, Cave, believes that Microsoft's console can still improve its poor results in Japan with the appearance of more exclusive titles.

So at least I think one of the leading makers of equipment, Makoto Asada, who told the half Siliconera has highlighted the need for "more exclusive titles" was released on Xbox 360. "My view is that games and consoles go hand in hand, so that for a triumph hardware we have to design games."

The creative Japanese Xbox 360 recognizes that it is "very popular internationally," but "not so much in Japan." However, he adds, "I think that can be changed if diving Cave exclusive titles and other developers."

Valve confirms Steam hacking and the possibility that credit card data are committed

"At the moment no evidence consists illegitimate use of credit cards. In spite of this you should monitor your card activity."

Gabe Newell, Valve's chief executive, confirmed yesterday that a rumor was being increasingly strong, and is the attack on the Steam forums that suffered social service and discharge on 6 November.
"Our Steam forums were sabotaged on Sunday November 6. We have opened an investigation and we have found that intrusions beyond the forums. We have learned that the intruders gained access to the Steam database," said Newell . "This database will store information such as usernames, encrypted passwords, purchases of games, e-mail addresses, billing addresses and information encrypted credit card. We have no evidence to ensure that intruders sustrajeran card numbers credit or personal information of users or the protection of the cards or passwords were hacked. We are still investigating. "
"At the moment no evidence consists illegitimate use of credit cards," said the executive of the study, however, he added that: "Despite this" should "monitor the activity on your card."
"As to our knowledge only a few accounts were affected forums, all users must change their passwords the next time they connect to the forum. If you've used your forums password on other accounts, you should change them also, "said Newell. "We have no information on Steam accounts affected, so we will not force a password change in them, they are separate accounts to the accounts of the forum, however, not be a bad idea to change those passwords as well, especially if you the same password as your account the forums. "
"Reopening the forums as soon as possible," the statement concludes Newell, but not before apologizing for what happened. We really apologize for what happened and for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge will be a Wii launch title U

Tecmo Koei has confirmed in its latest financial results.

The publisher Koei Tecmo announced that Ninja Gaiden version 3 for U Wii title will be a new Nintendo platform desktop.

Versions for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 will be launched on February 4, and it is not clear when the differences that will bring the Wii version of U, except for the intensive use made ​​of the new remote control.

Other interesting facts Koei Tecmo has offered sales are Dead or Alive: Dimensions has distributed 310,000 copies worldwide, and Xtreme Legends Dynasty Warriors 7 with 160,000 units.

Collector's Edition Unveiled Final Fantasy XIII-2 for USA

The soundtrack, art book and a box illustrated by Yoshitaka Amano.

Square Enix has unveiled the Collector's Edition of Final Fantasy XIII-2, which will go on sale in the United States.

This edition will include the soundtrack in 4 albums and an art book, all packaged in a special box illustrated by Yoshitaka Amano himself, carrying a price of $ 79.99 together.

Has not yet been confirmed collector's edition will be seen in Europe.

Polyphony Digital Gran Turismo 6 confirms that "already underway"

Release a DLC for Gran Turismo 5 every two months if the feedback from the players is good.

The development of Gran Turismo 6 has already begun, according to Polyphony Digital unveiled itself in an interview with IGN the American scene.

Kazunori Yamauchi, producer of the series, has been quite clear: "Of course [the team] is working on Gran Turismo 6".

The justification for a new release is that GT5 "is not something that can be updated constantly with DLCs", so that those elements can come into this form will be included in a new game.

It also has advanced to launch a DLC for Gran Turismo 5 every two months with new packs of cars, but always "depending on the reaction of players to the first content already published"

Take Two does not guarantee that Grand Theft Auto V is going to release in 2012

A suspected new details filtered beta tester of the game.

The recent announcement of Grand Theft Auto V made us all think that the new Rockstar be released in the market during 2012, but since Take Two warn that the game still has no firm launch date, so do not ensure that this is going to be released next year.On the other hand, an alleged beta tester of the game has leaked a series of new details about GTA V, among which the data related to the size of the world in which we move. In this case, the information we get is that the territory could be divided into five boroughs, with the Los Santos occupying the third largest of all the mapping, or whatever it is, twice the size of the world seen in Red Dead Redemption.The limits of this world would a mountain that could not be crossed, but climbing almost to its summit. Restriction is maintained even when flying on airplanes, which may not exceed the height limits marked by these peaks, except airliners controlled by the game itself that we will be able to see across the sky. Yes, the players will have to settle for fly smaller planes.According to this information, it appears the game also seems to go for a system of customizable weapons and vehicles, with an option to change our hero's clothes but not their appearance. There will be new games, among which is that of the pins, and innovative weapons as a remote control to drive trucks loaded with explosives in miniature.On the nearby cities to Los Santos, it appears that San Fierro and Las Venturas will not be present, but others such as Tucson and San Bernardino, and between, a vast region of country. The area southeast of the map correspond to the border between the U.S. and Mexico, and cross a state will get five star police chase that area will be well-desert.On the other hand, history seems to be centered in the Mexican drug cartels, and more specifically into two factions that hold a bloody war with each other. African American gangs will again be present as the "Alliance of Families", and will also be Korean mafias, the Yakuza, the Triads, Russians and even Irish bands, although it seems that the Italian mafia out of the game.Finally, the protagonist of the story seems to be a fifty-something named Ray, father of two children and divorced, that after his stint in prison has seen his future marked. His relationship with his children seems to be one of the most striking aspects of the title.As mentioned at the beginning of the story, this information must take it with pins, as far from official.

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Grand Theft Auto V

CD Projekt: The strong sales of The Witcher 2 demonstrate that "DRM is unnecessary"

The game has reached the figure of 250 thousand copies sold in digital format.

he fantastic The Witcher 2 has been rewarded with a high quality sales, in the words of its developers, CD Projekt, show that the controversial copy-protection systems such as DRM "are unnecessary."

Statements by the head of the study, Marcin Iwinski, made after confirming that the game has already sold 250 thousand units in digital format, a figure that has "exceeded" the most optimistic forecasts of CD Projekt.

In this sense, The Witcher 2 195 000 copies sold through Steam, and 35 000 from the digital distribution platform's own study, "We're even more pleased with the results of our own platform and its success," he remarked Iwinski, who added that this is a situation not surprised "as we have said for years that DRM is unnecessary. "

Remember that The Witcher 2, which will be launched on Xbox 360 over the next year, had recently surpassed one million copies sold in physical format.