EA Battlefield 1943 finally did give away to buyers of Battlefield 3 on PS3

Sufficient to activate the game and redeem the code for download.

The controversy surrounding the gift and Battlefield 3 Battlefield 1943 announced by Sony for the PlayStation 3 has finally been solved, is that Electronic Arts has recognized that "there was a misunderstanding" to deny it, and finally offer it themselves.

To claim your free copy of our fantastic downloadable game simply perform the following steps:

1. Activate our Online Pass Battlefield 3, using the code that is included in the game.
2. Visit 1943redemption.battlefield.com with our original ID and password.
3. Choosing the territory.
4. At the time we receive your code to download Battlefield 1943.


  1. wow this is too good to be true

  2. finally, I remember it being announced and then puff!