Spider-Man returns to action after his remarkable Shattered Dimensions. His short films, two combined actions of time and a basis of argument is its major asset to dazzle fans again. Will you succeed?

With the good results reaped Beenox Spider-Man: Shattered Dimension expect a lot from the neighborhood wall-crawler's latest adventure, but perhaps the rush to have the game ready in a year, or a wrong approach in the design of the action, have become to the Edge of Time in a fairly quiet title action that combines really funny situations, other emotionless and high degree of monotony. A game that should give pause to their creators and Activision about whether they really worth creating projects of this magnitude on an annual basis by sacrificing the quality of them.

Rewrite the past change

For the sole purpose of becoming the most powerful man in the world, the megalomaniac Walker Sloan has traveled back in time to erect a large economic empire advantage of their knowledge of the future, an action that has changed this we knew to the point that Spider-Man the poor track to the morgue. Fortunately for Peter Parker, his alter ego in 2099, Miguel O'Hara, has found a way to stop this villain, although this will need to work with the Spider-Man is currently in an intense action adventure in which cakes distributed both characters right and left in the six hours we will overcome it.

The most questionable in the Edge of Time is that the action seems to have been designed with other superhero, because neither the combat skills, let alone the small spaces through which we move, invite the full potential of acrobatic classic Marvel hero. Of course, the two versions of Spider-Man have their own special moves that can be progressively improved, but end up repeating over and over again the same attacks as we confront a succession of enemies clones. So it really like during the early hours of gameplay eventually becomes monotonous too soon.

The combined actions between the two characters also have their charm at first because it is very striking tasks in the past to change the future and vice versa. In addition, we will always have the image of Spider-Man's past / future in the top right corner of the screen to know exactly what happens in your world and what actions we can take to take a cable. Something that will motivate us in many cases to act quickly to check the brutal beatings he can receive our ally if we do not pay support. However, this has proved to be little utilized a great idea, because in the end all these actions are corseted plot development. The worst thing is that with few exceptions, the rest of missions and challenges that we face seems to suffer from a serious lack of imagination, posing again and again make the same kind of actions against the same enemies. So we miss the variety and excitement of the previous chapter, where we did have a bit of everything and exploit the potential of the spider.
The camera and the poor design of the scenarios, which apart from being cloned are also too small, do not help to improve these feelings. Graphically speaking, Edge of Tiemen also offers clear too dark, with good design and animations for both characters, but some enemies uninspired and devoid of charm, which soon hated to see them both in the same type of situations. And it is truly sad, because the game's plot, while not a panacea, it has very attractive and memorable moments. What happens is that these attempts of brilliance will collide again and again with the monotony and simplicity of the combat system. And if all this we add the lack of freedom with which we are in most scenarios, the result is far from what a true lover of Spider-Man would expect in a game starring the superhero.

The inclusion of several unlockable extras, hidden objects and a higher level of difficulty does not encourage the replayability of the title, which has fallen far short of what we expected after the good results obtained with Shattered Dimensions.

Rating Spider-Man: Edge of Time

Perhaps the rush to take the title on time or simply not playable approach as successful as expected have burdened this Edge of Time, which despite being moderately fun is far from that expected by the simplicity of its combat system, the poor design of scenarios and levels, and how little has been exploited the idea of ​​the combined actions of two different times. A right game, but without fanfare, oriented to the neighborhood wall-crawler fans.  

Gameplay: 6
Technology: 7
Graphics: 6
Sound: 6 
Innovation: 5 

Total: 6 

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