Square Enix Final Fantasy XIV clarifies that 2.0 "is not a new game"

It is based on a new graphics engine.

The new producer of Final Fantasy XIV, Naoko Yoshida, has said that the new version of Final Fantasy XIV launched in 2013 is not in itself a new game, but includes many enhancements, including a new graphics engine.

He says his first steps into the place of production has been to "do what is necessary" for the game to continue for ten years.

"The key to development in relation to technology is the new engine to be used in the release of version 2.0 we are creating from scratch," he says.

"The current engine is good for displaying graphics liabilities off-line games, but more important in an MMO are capable of displaying active graphics many different characters on the screen while" he says.

PC Final Fantasy XIV was launched over a year ago, when the PlayStation 3 version will be launched in the third quarter of 2012.

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