Take Two does not guarantee that Grand Theft Auto V is going to release in 2012

A suspected new details filtered beta tester of the game.

The recent announcement of Grand Theft Auto V made us all think that the new Rockstar be released in the market during 2012, but since Take Two warn that the game still has no firm launch date, so do not ensure that this is going to be released next year.On the other hand, an alleged beta tester of the game has leaked a series of new details about GTA V, among which the data related to the size of the world in which we move. In this case, the information we get is that the territory could be divided into five boroughs, with the Los Santos occupying the third largest of all the mapping, or whatever it is, twice the size of the world seen in Red Dead Redemption.The limits of this world would a mountain that could not be crossed, but climbing almost to its summit. Restriction is maintained even when flying on airplanes, which may not exceed the height limits marked by these peaks, except airliners controlled by the game itself that we will be able to see across the sky. Yes, the players will have to settle for fly smaller planes.According to this information, it appears the game also seems to go for a system of customizable weapons and vehicles, with an option to change our hero's clothes but not their appearance. There will be new games, among which is that of the pins, and innovative weapons as a remote control to drive trucks loaded with explosives in miniature.On the nearby cities to Los Santos, it appears that San Fierro and Las Venturas will not be present, but others such as Tucson and San Bernardino, and between, a vast region of country. The area southeast of the map correspond to the border between the U.S. and Mexico, and cross a state will get five star police chase that area will be well-desert.On the other hand, history seems to be centered in the Mexican drug cartels, and more specifically into two factions that hold a bloody war with each other. African American gangs will again be present as the "Alliance of Families", and will also be Korean mafias, the Yakuza, the Triads, Russians and even Irish bands, although it seems that the Italian mafia out of the game.Finally, the protagonist of the story seems to be a fifty-something named Ray, father of two children and divorced, that after his stint in prison has seen his future marked. His relationship with his children seems to be one of the most striking aspects of the title.As mentioned at the beginning of the story, this information must take it with pins, as far from official.

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Grand Theft Auto V


  1. I'm looking forward to the next GTA game, but I didn't really care for the last one... Hopefully they stepped up the game play in the new one :)

  2. It's been hit and miss lately. I hope they do well on this one

  3. I have not played IV Yet but I cant wait for this to release I don't have a problem if it doesn't hit the market in 2012 the more time they put into polishing it the better.