CD Projekt: The strong sales of The Witcher 2 demonstrate that "DRM is unnecessary"

The game has reached the figure of 250 thousand copies sold in digital format.

he fantastic The Witcher 2 has been rewarded with a high quality sales, in the words of its developers, CD Projekt, show that the controversial copy-protection systems such as DRM "are unnecessary."

Statements by the head of the study, Marcin Iwinski, made after confirming that the game has already sold 250 thousand units in digital format, a figure that has "exceeded" the most optimistic forecasts of CD Projekt.

In this sense, The Witcher 2 195 000 copies sold through Steam, and 35 000 from the digital distribution platform's own study, "We're even more pleased with the results of our own platform and its success," he remarked Iwinski, who added that this is a situation not surprised "as we have said for years that DRM is unnecessary. "

Remember that The Witcher 2, which will be launched on Xbox 360 over the next year, had recently surpassed one million copies sold in physical format.


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