Valve confirms Steam hacking and the possibility that credit card data are committed

"At the moment no evidence consists illegitimate use of credit cards. In spite of this you should monitor your card activity."

Gabe Newell, Valve's chief executive, confirmed yesterday that a rumor was being increasingly strong, and is the attack on the Steam forums that suffered social service and discharge on 6 November.
"Our Steam forums were sabotaged on Sunday November 6. We have opened an investigation and we have found that intrusions beyond the forums. We have learned that the intruders gained access to the Steam database," said Newell . "This database will store information such as usernames, encrypted passwords, purchases of games, e-mail addresses, billing addresses and information encrypted credit card. We have no evidence to ensure that intruders sustrajeran card numbers credit or personal information of users or the protection of the cards or passwords were hacked. We are still investigating. "
"At the moment no evidence consists illegitimate use of credit cards," said the executive of the study, however, he added that: "Despite this" should "monitor the activity on your card."
"As to our knowledge only a few accounts were affected forums, all users must change their passwords the next time they connect to the forum. If you've used your forums password on other accounts, you should change them also, "said Newell. "We have no information on Steam accounts affected, so we will not force a password change in them, they are separate accounts to the accounts of the forum, however, not be a bad idea to change those passwords as well, especially if you the same password as your account the forums. "
"Reopening the forums as soon as possible," the statement concludes Newell, but not before apologizing for what happened. We really apologize for what happened and for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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