More than 40 000 users sign an online petition to get a PC Dark Souls

Encouraged by an employee of Namco Bandai, the PC community shows interest in a version of the RPG from From Software.

Namco Bandai Dark Souls released in October, the hit RPG From Software that cleverly combines a difficulty as devilish as tremendously addictive.

The game players could enjoy PS3 and Xbox 360, and although so far no official announcement, a post created by an employee of Namco in the official forums of the company indicates that, at least, there is considerable interest in creating conversion of PC gaming.

"There's always possible to adapt the games to PC, and the good news is that Dark Souls is not a typical game console to 100%, so that adaptation is possible. Now, for this to happen, say that the application must be done properly. Did anyone encourage a successful petition? "replied the clerk at the suggestion Namco a PC version of Dark Souls.

Obviously the PC community has not stood idly by, and hours after the request to create online and are more than 40,000 users have signed it.

Petition online Here!

Mass Effect 3 will be more difficult than the two previous deliveries

The difficulty of "veteran" difficulty level is "normal" in this latest installment of the trilogy.

BioWare has confirmed that the level of difficulty of Mass Effect 3 has increased compared to the two previous deliveries, with a higher level of hardness for the enemies that we will invite more than one occasion to enjoy the game through the cooperative mode to ease some things.

"Veteran difficulty level of Mass Effect 1 and 2 will be on par with the Normal difficulty in Mass Effect 3" have stated from BioWare. Thus, it appears that more than one user will use the new Galaxy at War (the cooperative) to address these challenges with greater guarantees of success, being able to achieve a better score at the end of the game will bring the best possible end to this epic trilogy of science fiction.

Also, if we were locked into a specific point in the game we play a couple of games cooperative, more levels and better equipment to equip our characters, and just play the game where we left off ... but better prepared. Still, remember that this cooperative BioWare has an optional character in the game, so do not be obligatory on him to finish the entire game.

Wii U might include a large Application Shop

It would go beyond what seen so far in the other Nintendo consoles and software would have varied.

Modeled on the success of Apple's App Store, Nintendo may be preparing a great online store for Wii U applications that "would go far beyond" what is seen in its predecessors, offering a wealth of content is not necessarily related to video games .

So at least the average American says The Daily, which refers to an anonymous source regarding this matter, says that Nintendo would be willing to offer "a wide variety of applications" that could run through the console or directly on the command Wii U.

In this sense, it points to the possibility that one of the first applications available allow American users to enjoy the American baseball league with MLB.TV application that would offer live matches and other on demand.

It remains still see the way forward for Nintendo, because currently this information is no longer a rumor. However, given the increasing interest shown by the company for the digital market, not hard to imagine an online retailer of these features built into Wii U.

Nintendo 3DS than 4 million units sold in Japan

Would have enjoyed its best week with sales of more than 500 thousand units.

The audit Enterbrain has released sales data consoles in Japan during the week between 19 and 25 December, noting that 3DS has again become the best selling console in that territory with sales have exceeded half a million units, reaching the milestone of 4,135,739 consoles sold since the laptop will be released in February this year.

These data are well above the latest forecasts offered by Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, who expected to reach four million consoles sold in Japan in the early months of 2012.Sin But over the last four weeks has 3DS been able to put more than one and half million consoles in Japanese homes, which has been a real milestone for the laptop from Kyoto.

This Wednesday we will post the sales data that regularly provides audit Media Create, which is what we use to reflect the sales of games and consoles in the Japanese market.

Skyrim receive a small update in January

Version 1.4 could end some of the most annoying bugs on the PS3.

Bethesda Softworks has promised that during the month of January posted an update to their fantastic new The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim which they hope to end some of the most annoying bugs of the game, and more particularly those affecting users PlayStation 3.

However, the development team singled out the small update to version 1.4 will have this game, although can be a big step forward in solving the stability problems of the graphics engine or micro lag errors.

Additionally, Bethesda is still working on another major update of the game for PC that will include the coveted tools and Steam Kt Creation Workshop.