Wii U might include a large Application Shop

It would go beyond what seen so far in the other Nintendo consoles and software would have varied.

Modeled on the success of Apple's App Store, Nintendo may be preparing a great online store for Wii U applications that "would go far beyond" what is seen in its predecessors, offering a wealth of content is not necessarily related to video games .

So at least the average American says The Daily, which refers to an anonymous source regarding this matter, says that Nintendo would be willing to offer "a wide variety of applications" that could run through the console or directly on the command Wii U.

In this sense, it points to the possibility that one of the first applications available allow American users to enjoy the American baseball league with MLB.TV application that would offer live matches and other on demand.

It remains still see the way forward for Nintendo, because currently this information is no longer a rumor. However, given the increasing interest shown by the company for the digital market, not hard to imagine an online retailer of these features built into Wii U.

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