Mass Effect 3 will be more difficult than the two previous deliveries

The difficulty of "veteran" difficulty level is "normal" in this latest installment of the trilogy.

BioWare has confirmed that the level of difficulty of Mass Effect 3 has increased compared to the two previous deliveries, with a higher level of hardness for the enemies that we will invite more than one occasion to enjoy the game through the cooperative mode to ease some things.

"Veteran difficulty level of Mass Effect 1 and 2 will be on par with the Normal difficulty in Mass Effect 3" have stated from BioWare. Thus, it appears that more than one user will use the new Galaxy at War (the cooperative) to address these challenges with greater guarantees of success, being able to achieve a better score at the end of the game will bring the best possible end to this epic trilogy of science fiction.

Also, if we were locked into a specific point in the game we play a couple of games cooperative, more levels and better equipment to equip our characters, and just play the game where we left off ... but better prepared. Still, remember that this cooperative BioWare has an optional character in the game, so do not be obligatory on him to finish the entire game.


  1. I love mass effect so I just look forward to whatever churns out

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  3. Great game, looking forward to the third release

  4. sounds like a cool game!