More than 40 000 users sign an online petition to get a PC Dark Souls

Encouraged by an employee of Namco Bandai, the PC community shows interest in a version of the RPG from From Software.

Namco Bandai Dark Souls released in October, the hit RPG From Software that cleverly combines a difficulty as devilish as tremendously addictive.

The game players could enjoy PS3 and Xbox 360, and although so far no official announcement, a post created by an employee of Namco in the official forums of the company indicates that, at least, there is considerable interest in creating conversion of PC gaming.

"There's always possible to adapt the games to PC, and the good news is that Dark Souls is not a typical game console to 100%, so that adaptation is possible. Now, for this to happen, say that the application must be done properly. Did anyone encourage a successful petition? "replied the clerk at the suggestion Namco a PC version of Dark Souls.

Obviously the PC community has not stood idly by, and hours after the request to create online and are more than 40,000 users have signed it.

Petition online Here!

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