Syndicate: Their leaders do not believe that having multiplayer "is a prerequisite"

Although it is becoming "more and more common," recognize that the scene would not give toindividual campaigns.



Jeff Gamon, one of the key executives responsible for production of Syndicate, spoke about the importance of multiplayer paragraphs are reaping more and more in today's games.

"We have to think in terms of our consumers and the product," said Gamon in a recent interview with the British site Eurogamer. "I do not think that online and social modes are a must. It depends on the game."

"But they are fast becoming an expectation, because they are becoming more and more common," said the executive. "When you think about the type of online game you want to do, the collaborative seemed the only way to remain connected to the original games. We areStarbreeze, so let's make a single player campaign with great narrative, that is very immersive.but for us it was a fact that the multiplayer would be an equal partner in the bill, with the co-oprecreating the original game experience. "

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