Sony details new developments in its policy of downloadable content for PlayStation Network

For example, from now on PlayStation 3 and PSP can play a maximum of two systems with their contents.

Few dates ago we announced the complaints from fans regarding the restrictions ondownloadable content, Sony conducted in relation to the PlayStation Network profile. Today's executive vice president of operations for PlayStation Network, Gordon Thornton, has shelledthe official PlayStation blog the developments.

"As of November 18, 2011 the number of devices that can be activated in a PlayStation Network account for the purchased game content on the PlayStation Store will be updated," said Thornton. "To play content purchased after November 18, 2011 will apply a new policy andthe number of devices that can be activated are the following":

• PlayStation 3: Users can play a maximum of two activated PS3 systems.
 PSP: Users can play up to two PSP systems activated.

"Please be aware that this application does not affect the content of games purchased beforeNovember 18. The rights of the series includes PSP-1000/2000/3000 PSP and the PSPgo" specifies the executive. "PlayStation Network users can change the configuration of activation through their own devices. In addition, Sony Computer Entertainment plans to offer a newaccount management web PlayStation Network where users can disable their particular devicesassociated with your account PlayStation Network via their PC. "

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