Konami recognizes that many Western players feel no interest in Japanese games

"It's a tough situation. As you know the industry has changed"


The producers of the second installment of Ninety-Nine Nights, led by Tak Fujii, spoke about the complicated situation in the game industry in Japan in connection with the West.

"It's a tough situation. As you know the industry has changed," said Fujii. "It's a totally differentbusiness than we saw five years ago. This is my personal opinion, but many Western players do not play or even more Japanese titles have never done. They have no interest in our games."

"Okay, there's a big FPS franchise in the West, the largest. Has massive numbers, and perhaps more than half of these users have purchased hardware just to play that title and not to any other," said creative clear reference to Call of Duty. "There is only one game for which you arepurchasing downloadable maps, additional content ... DLC, DLC, DLC. And then comesanother and just buy it, never play sports games, action and certainly not interested in Japanese games ".

"Before Microsoft entered the console business, the center of development was Nintendo and Sony," said Fujii. "It was very easy for us to discuss hardware and technology with them because everything was happening in Japanese. Now reports are that you have to talk throughthe American division, then translated into Japanese for the technical division and if all goes well everything should translated back into English for the support. it's hard. In the time that America has begun to enter the console business, there is only support English and are in the western market. It is a hand to them, and roles have changed. "

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