A new patent shows a Nintendo Wiimote with touchscreen

You could also read bar codes or letters through their scanner.

Nintendo confirmed at E3 last all Wii peripherals would be compatible with its new home console, Wii U, and this is something that seems to motivate them to continue researching new technologies to surprise the players. At least this shows the registration of two new patents that the company has made in America with interesting new uses for the Wiimote.

The first of these patents refers to a small touch screen that would couple with the Wii Remoteaccessory that covers it completely, leaving the front, and in an elevated position, the aforementioned touch screen.

Apparently, this addition makes use of a series of crystals reflect and refract infrared light from the pointer so that it can detect what is on the surface, and thus capture the movements that are performed on it. Most surprising is that the driver can continue to function as a pointer if you do not find anything on the screen.

Nintendo stated in the patent that this technology will turn the Wiimote into a mouse or a drawing tool. What seems clear is that it is a new technology that combines perfectly with the Wii controller U, we remember, has a large touch screen on the central area.

As for the second patent, it is less surprising since it is based on a simple bar code reader also allows the reading of some small cards that are inserted inside the fixture,

Importantly, this information deals on new patents that may or may not be used in the future, sowe can not take these new accessories confirmed until Nintendo says otherwise.

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