Pendulum Studios define their new venture as a "dark thriller original"

Will star three characters and will begin in New York.

The Spanish team after the recent Hollywood Monsters 2, Pendulum Studios, has offered the first official details of what will be its new adventure game, the mysterious Yesterday. Title that as we advance a few weeks ago, will leave the usual sense of humor own team to bet on a "dark thriller original."

The game shows us a New York City in which there have been several disappearances of beggars whose bodies have been burned and have several brands of ritual murders in the palms of their hands. The mysterious mark "Y" seems to play a role in this story that the young Henry White, who helps the homeless through a charity, and his friend Cooper, are willing to solve the mystery before the passivity police and the media.

Apart from these two protagonists, we can also control the enigmatic John Yesterday, we will have to help rebuild a story that has been completely erased from his head.

Without a firm launch date, Yesterday will be released in the second quarter of 2012.

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