Factor V have been working on Rogue Squadron and Pilotwings for Wii

All indications are that the German division of the study also would have closed down.

In 2008, the team behind the popular Rogue Squadron and Lair, Factor V, announced the closure of its offices in North America witnessed relegating the projects already under way at its German division, which until then has been heard almost no. However, today after learning one of the canceled titles they prepared for PlayStation 3, from NeoGAF is pointed to the closure of this division would have been actively working on various Wii games.

Apparently, the studio formed by former members of Factor V, White Harvest, have taken active projects in the study to their new offices with the firm objective to finish and so stay afloat. Among these projects was the compilation pack ever rumored to Rogue Squadron trilogy adapted to Wii, title apparently was almost finished but never published.

Other titles have always dreamed of was to Pilotwings, everything points to yes was launched in collaboration with Nintendo, but it was canceled once the Kyoto withdrew their support for Factor V. Finally, it seems that the team was working on a port of Brutal Legend for the Wii, but Electronic Arts decided not to publish late this adaptation.

Cancellations have finished taking its toll both White Harvest as the German division of Factor V, in the absence of official confirmation could have been completely dissolved this year.

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