The multiplayer Max Payne 3 will include major plot elements

Rockstar wants to turn this mode on "a more immersive experience and quality."

The decision to include a multiplayer mode in the highly anticipated Max Payne 3 is something that has not liked by all fans of this classic action game series in the third person, but Rockstar have decided to give the best of themselves to create the best game possible.

This has been explained one of the founders of study, Dan Houser said in an interview with Variety. "We wanted to put some elements of the story mode in multiplayer to provide more details" with the idea of "making it a more immersive experience and quality."

In this regard, Houser believes that this is a little-explored facet in the online world, so expect that everyone knows how to appreciate the Max Payne 3 multiplayer when the game hits the market in March 2012.

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