Borderlands Gearbox wants 2 be a sequel to "worthy of the original"

"Will include many new places, more characters and lots of details."

 One of the main culprits behind Borderlands 2, Scott Kester, said in an interview with Gamasutra how difficult it has been for Gearbox to find a perfect balance when updated to include this title enough to not seem like a simple sequel while they have tried to stay true to the spirit of the original title.

"It's a difficult situation because you expect to invent something new and include new features, but if you stay true to the original, people can protest." However, continues the creative, "if you run short people may accuse you of Habert also imitated yourself to the lack of news. "

"We love the first title and make a true sequel is what we have always had in mind," he continues, so that Gearbox will include "lots of new places, more characters and a myriad of details that will make to put ourselves fully into the adventure, not just to add content just like that, all have a cohesion, "he remarks.

In this sense, Kester indicated that the dimensions of the world in which we move will be much larger than the original, "with more life and diversity inside," he adds. "I feel that we have created more art around this game that we did in the original at the same time of development. We have a monumental amount of new elements in the game, and that's really impressive to me, "he concludes.

Borderlands 2 will premiere on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 over the next year.

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