Possible new specifications for Wii U

It will have a 3GHz Quad Core CPU based on 45nm PowerPC.

In the last hours there are new rumors about possible specifications next desktop will have the Nintendo Wii U.

According to an anonymous source that supposedly comes from a study by a developer who is converting a PlayStation 3 title Wii U, Nintendo's new machine would have a 3GHz quad-core CPU based on 45nm PowerPC.

768MB of DRAM would also embedded in the CPU, shared between the CPU and 40nm GPU would be ATI.

The source also said that Nintendo would be juggling two models, one with 768MB of DRAM and identified another 1GB of DRAM.


  1. I've heard several different specs for the upcoming wii u and there has been a lot of fanboys raving about it. But idk, just gonna have to wait and see whats to come.