The Master Chief and Cortana will suffer major changes in Halo 4

With this new release will bring back "exploration" and "mystery" that has characterized the franchise.

The latest issue of Xbox World magazine has revealed interesting new details on Halo 4 because of an interview with Frank O'Connor, head of 343 Industries.

In the interview it was revealed that the armor of Master Chief has received "some fairly radical changes" a fact that is related to the story itself.

On the other hand Cortana is in danger, as we approach the end of its life cycle, "Cortana was close to reaching the end of its life cycle at the end of Halo 3, but has been exposed to much more information than any existing IA. "

In this new trilogy hope to bring back "the sense of wonder and mystery of the series," and we will see "the air of exploration along with some surprises that I think will appeal to people."

Halo 4 is scheduled for release on Xbox 360 in late 2012.

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