Bethesda links the problems of Skyrim PS3 version of the same that plagued New Vegas

"It's an engine problem at about saved games are stored."

Josh Sawyer, one of the chief executives of Obsidian, has spoken on the issue PlayStation 3 version of The Elder Scrolls fantasy V: Skyrim, an outstanding game but is far from perfect due to many technological problems that seem primed with the version of the Sony console.

"It's an engine problem at about saved games are stored outside the bit flag differences compared to those in the primary. Esm + DLC. ESMS," said Sawyer who led to the remarkable Obsidian Fallout: New Vegas, it seems, shares the same problem with the latest Bethesda Softworks. "As the game modifies any distance at which an object is placed, the changes are stored outside of what is essentially another. ESM. And when loading the game you are also loading all those differences in resident memory ".

"The way to restructure the working of the engine requires a huge commitment in terms of time," said the executive. "In Obsidian only had that engine for 18 months before the launch of New Vegas, which is a relatively short period of time to understand all the details on how that technology works."

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  1. The game is all about the engine....that being said, PS3 usually does gusel up a lot of gas..