Valve defends Sony's online strategy to be similar to yours

They say that PS3 has done a great job in promoting the game across.

The writer of Portal 2, Chet Faliszek, stressed in an interview with EDGE magazine online strategy you're following Sony's PlayStation 3 and cross-platform game at Valve really like to be very similar to the approach followed themselves.

"We do not think in terms of 'platform' ... just want to play," said little used in reference to cross-platform game. Option as Faliszek, Sony is enhancing support to long both Portal 2 as the next Counter-Strike.

Not surprisingly, continues the writer, Sony and Valve share the same vision about business. "I have all platforms and will play anywhere. But I just want to play, and they have been of great help along the idea. "So much so that Faliszek has said that while "Xbox 360 has its own community, users PS3, PC and Mac can play together."

In this regard, since Valve ensure that the differences between playing with a pad or do it with the keyboard-mouse combo should not worry anyone, since it is is good with a controller in both hands as the traditional PC control .

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