Skyrim will feature downloadable content and few will be "large"

"The very fast DLC sell well, but it is our priority."

In the absence of a few days for the highly anticipated The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is released worldwide, the game director and producer, Todd Howard has confirmed that they are already working on downloadable content from the title, but they still take time to market.

"The DLC would sell very fast, but it is not our priority," he said in an interview with, which has also confirmed that Besthesda consider creating a few downloadable content, but high quality.

"Our idea is not working in many downloadable content," he explains, but to create "fewer but larger and far-reaching than we used to." So much so that Todd Howard has stated that in Bethesda do not understand this kind of extra content as a way to add more and more content to the original game but as a means to "do better game."

In this sense, the creative has asked about the controversy surrounding some downloadable content from the previous game in the series, Oblivion, in which frames and other items offered by a few euros, which at first seem DLC from Bethesda rule .

What kind of bonus we expect? Howard has indicated that for the moment take a vacation and after his return, consider the reception of the game among the fans and you decide how you can continue to improve its content.

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