Bioshock Infinite will use a "mystery" PS peripheral Move

From the PlayStation website says that "offer a more immersive gaming experience.

During the last E3 in Los Angeles, Ken Levine confirmed that the highly anticipated PlayStation 3 Bioshock Infinite to be compatible with the motion control system from Sony, but at that time gave no further details. However, a brief description appears on the PlayStation website suggests that this support will go beyond the merely anecdotal.

"There is a special peripheral PS Move that will get a more immersive experience in this future parallel." Message that does not clarify the type of peripheral that you would be talking about, but it could be a recreation of the hook that the protagonist of this adventure used to slide down the wires of the city in the sky of Columbia.

And we are committed to this type of device because Ken Levine himself acknowledged in an interview with Official Xbox Magazine, this kind of experience based on movement control would not affect the main game, as surely would place outside it. Even so, we must wait to see what the guys surprise us Irrational Games.

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