Dust 514 "takes the experience of the EVE universe in our PlayStation 3 PC"

Its makers describe some characteristics of the MCC, Mobile Command Center.

The guys at CCP, the developers of EVE Online and the upcoming Dust 514, have announced specific details on the Mobile Command Centers in the next game for PlayStation 3."The game features infantry combat vehicles and large-scale, real-time connection, which transfers the experience of the EVE universe in our PlayStation 3 PC," said a spokesman. "Players can join corporations (eg clusters) and war for territorial gains in thousands of planets. Then you have a thematic description of the command center Mobile (Mobile Command Centers, original name) or also known as MCC's. With 200 feet long, these vehicles represent the largest and most powerful weapon a team can gain in battle. They are piloted by the commander of a team. Often the destruction of an MCC means victory in battle (there will be more details about the system hierarchies of the game in an upcoming post, a system that allows players a squadron led by a commander ...) "."The MCC is the hub of any army, the column being waged against the war and win battles," he wrote on the official website of the game. "This is, restrained within the confines of a modified vehicle hydrostatic, where the commander orchestrates the fate of all those who enter the field down there. Does that without even setting foot in that field, with the collective knowledge of the situation, aware of all units is responsible. If information is power, is the commander who has ... ""If an MCC has an Achilles heel, that is undoubtedly its dependence on fuel, without a constant supply of this, its towers, its critical systems, and more importantly, their shields!, Will be unusable. Commanders would do well to be aware of any fuel source that is in the area where they are and plan everything according to that provision, "they add their managers.

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