World of Warcraft lost almost one million users in the last three months

The Blizzard online game currently has about 10 million users.

The steady decline in the number of registered users in World of Warcraft continues to set the day to day accounts of Activision Blizzard, which for the last presentation of financial results has been found that some 800,000 users have been discharged from his popular title massively multiplayer online, later this month, will meet seven years on the market.

The head of Blizzard, Mike Morhaime, has commented that the majority of casualties in the subscriptions have been generated in the East, but has clarified that World of Warcraft continues to be a massively multiplayer online game more popular in China and the greatest number of registered users continues today.

These figures, however, come to find that the king of the MMORPG ever loses more supporters to the detriment of other securities of a similar, although it is true that the user base continues to be impressive WOW with 10.3 million players registered.

Do not forget that Blizzard recently announced the development of a new expansion for the game, Mists of Pandaria, which together with measures such as the partial opening of the title to the business model Free-to-Play, designed to maintain the hegemony of the WOW online gaming market.

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