Wii U would finally allow the use of two controllers with the screen at once

Nintendo could work on this option after criticism from press and users.

Following the presentation of Wii U in the past E3 in Los Angeles, Nintendo hinted that only could be used as a control screen for every console controller, limiting the use of multiplayer experience multiple Wiimotes in conjunction with a single tablet. Something not liked the users and the media, who criticized the decision.

Precisely because of these comments, Nintendo have been working on the option to support two tablets at once, as reported by "a developer of confidence" in the middle Develop.

"Nintendo knows now that really need to offer support for two controls. At E3, not confirmed, but are aware of how important it is to make it technically possible to run both screens, "said the anonymous source. "Even if it affects the stability of frames per second, as a developer and player, I do not care. If you're playing a game of questions and answers are not going to percatarte this, "he concludes.

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