Square Enix improve profits through the 2.18 million copies of Deus Ex: Human Revolution

They promise to create 10 large IPs for the next fiscal year.

Square-Enix has released its latest financial data from April to September, data reflecting net sales of $ 735 million, which together are 15% lower than the company harvested a year ago. However, the company's profits have improved by 115% to $ 47 million thanks to Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which has distributed approximately 2.18 million spread across the United States, 800,000, Europe with 1.38 million an undisclosed amount in Japan, which went on sale on 20 October.

Moreover Dungeon Siege III has placed 820,000 copies worldwide, corresponding to 320,000 to the United States, about 480,000 to 20,000 in Europe and Japan.

Finally, Dragon Quest 25th Anniversary Collection Wii has sold 350,000 units in Japan alone.

Square Enix hopes that these results will improve in the next fiscal year thanks to "the creation of ten major IPs".

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