Square Enix details the combat system of Dragon Quest X

The struggles are real-time with five action commands to execute the movements.

Dragon Quest X has become a massively multiplayer role playing online, but this does not mean I'm going to give up their identity. Or at least that is what it purports to Square Enix, who has opted for a hybrid combat system combines the dynamism of the MMORPG with elements of classic RPG series.

Thus, the battles will take place in real time allowing us to move freely around the enemies, but in turn, maintains the standard action commands in the series since Dragon Quest VIII. Thus, we can make physical attacks, spells select our hero, to use their special skills, access to the inventory to use objects, and even giving orders from the Allies thanks to Tactical Command.

Being a real-time game, we will not have to wait for other players finish their shifts to make our own movements, which promises to give a dynamic to the battles.

On the other hand, has confirmed that users can create groups of four characters, and join with other groups if necessary. In this sense, these leagues even creating enemies we make things really difficult, we can try to run away towards the edge of the stage until you cross a line that will get us out of the battlefield.

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