Remedy: Alan Wake for Xbox Live Arcade is "structured as a set"

It has been designed so perfectly that could be published as the original disk.

Yesterday we reported that the new Alan Wake game would be presented at the Spike VGADecember, and today Microsoft has confirmed that this is a downloadable game for Xbox LiveArcade. Announced that it has taken by surprise to many users who have shown their concern about the possibility that this becomes a game less compared to the original. However, fromRemedy ensure that there is no reason to worry, as this mysterious title was "structured as a complete kit" that could be published in physical format perfectly.

"Fans should not be discouraged by what's to come," assured the head of communications of the study, Peter Papadopoulos. "It is structured as a full game with an impressive history that extendsthe original through some very interesting ways."

"I really really enjoyed it and I'm sure all will do well," insisted through the forums of the company.Comments that have been complemented by the jocular president's claim Remedy, MarkusMaki, who has referred to the followers of Alan Wake as "men of little faith."

At the moment no further details are known about this new chapter in the series that could end upbeing called Alan Wake: Night Springs.


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