One study claims that the Japanese are not "too interested" in PS Vita and Wii U

About 10 percent of respondents are determined to buy some of these consoles.

The Japanese consulting Goo Research conducted a survey of 1083 gamers to have asked them if they are interested in Wii PlayStation Vita and U. The answer? Not too encouraging for Sony and Nintendo.

The study, just over 10 percent said they were determined to buy PS Vita, while just about the same percentage said they were interested in buying the new Nintendo console. Data in the case of the Sony handheld of the most striking result, since PS Vita will open in Japan on 17 December and the survey was conducted during the 17th and 19th October.

This poll also found that 62 percent of respondents have Nintendo DS, while 53 percent have a PlayStation 2. Wii console is the third most successful with 51.7 percent, followed by PSP with 34.3 percent of respondents, and PlayStation 3 that has been in 27.8 percent.

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