The number of users of DC Universe Online is increased by one thousand percent

The avalanche of new players has led to some errors on the servers.

Since last November 1 DC Universe Online's remarkable is passed to the business model of free-to-play, the user population in the title role and massively multiplayer online action has increased to a thousand per cent, which has caused some servers have begun to fail before the avalanche of new users.

"We are on the 1000% increase in new users with respect to the levels before the November 1", confirmed the president of Sony Online, John Smedley, through his Twitter profile. Data that has motivated the development team to improve the servers to accommodate so many users, because during these days were errors arising from such saturation.

Please remember that just three days after spending the business model free-to-play, Sony Online has confirmed that there had been 120 000 new users, which represented 400% of new players compared to previous data.

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