Namco Bandai detailed multiplayer options Vita Ridge Racer

There will be a planetary league daily challenges to improve the team score.

Namco Bandai Japan has detailed some of the multiplayer options with which his promising Ridge Racer will Vita for the new Sony laptop.

The most striking option is found in the Planetary League. A kind of tournament in which players must choose from four options team available, and compete in daily challenges on your behalf for extra points.

This option must add the possibility of competing against eight simultaneous players via ad-hoc connection similar to that seen in Ridge Racer 3D, but if you prefer, we can also directly challenge other users to deal with his best marks downloading their data through Wi-Fi, 3G or Near in battles known as ghosts, they are still a test to try to beat your opponent without it hinder you along the way. One option which also allows online play via 3G connection.

Finally, Ridge Racer Vita World Race will include a way it will be divided in three different game modes, though so far they have not offered more details.

This version of Ridge Racer come to Spain with Vita PS on 22 February.

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