Cliff Bleszinski believes that you can still squeeze more Xbox 360 with "time and effort"

"Now do not try to learn to use the hardware, but to trick you do what you want."

[Gears of war 3]

The primary responsibility for following the successful Gears of War trilogy, Cliff Bleszinski, explained in an interview with the British half EDGE Xbox 360 can still give more of themselves in technology with "time and effort."

For the creative Epic Games, the key is to have good development tools that facilitate work, although it is clear that also depends on the effort and dedication of the development team. "It's a matter of having a magic code, time and effort," he says.

"I do not know how much time remains to Xbox 360, but I'm sure if a product launch before the end of its life cycle, we will continue to squeeze the most and we will try to get more water from the rock," says Bleszinski.

The father recalled Gears of War at this point to veteran Nintendo Super NES. "We're a bit at that point in the days of the SNES in the beginning to be used Mode 7 chip in ways never imagined," so he continues, "we are now at the point where you do not try to learn to use the hardware , but try to trick you into doing things they want. "

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