The chief designer of Silent Hill: Downpour leaves Vatra Games

Apparently a personal decision.

Vatra Games Konami decided to delay the launch of its upcoming Silent Hill until March 2012 when its original release date was scheduled for later this year.

That decision has caused the design director of Vatra Games, Brian Gomez, has decided to abandon the project, citing a personal decision.

"When it was announced that Downpour be delayed until 2012, my family and I made the decision that could not keep making continuous trips between Los Angeles and Brno (Czech Republic) for 4-6 months," said Brian Gomez at the Silent Hill Historical Society.

"Downpour is very near completion, there's not much I can do for the project and other partners as Devin, Berka Marek Tomm or can not handle themselves. I announced a few months ago, my last day being Halloween, "he adds.

Brian Vatra Games will continue to work in an upcoming horror game, including a series of ideas that Konami "has not allowed us to include" Silent Hill: Downpour.

The game will launch in March in PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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