Angry Birds for PC will be launched in physical form

The whites made ​​in several areas by just over 10 euros.

The Angry Birds mass phenomenon that has swept across all digital distribution platforms that have been released, will jump to the physical format compatible version for later this month.

This was confirmed by Rovio Entertainment, which has reached a distribution agreement with Focus Multimedia to launch its popular game in physical format in territories such as Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland and South Africa at a price of 10.20 pounds (just over ten euros) on 25 November.

"The sale of the game in physical format is another way to reach a wider audience," stressed the Rovio public relations, Ville Heijari. "The digital part of the phones remain the core of our business, but the physical version is a good amount to take the brand further." Mark to remember, reached just a few days ago the figure of 500 million downloads since the original title was launched two years ago.

But it does not end here as the animated film based on the game, Angry Birds Rio, will be released in the coming weeks, while its sequel, known as Angry Birds Seasons, you do at Christmas 2012.

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